Monday, November 28, 2016

Pbl artefact

Last term I was was busy at work doing my pbl artefact.
Something that challenged me was doing the medal on the side of my artefact.
Something I enjoyed was doing the braille.
I am proud of my learning because I have tried my hardest and got very annoyed but didn't give up.

When I was working on my artefact I used my revising muscle.  I had to keep on going back and changing sentences so they made sense.
Another muscle I used was absorption.  I think I was absorbed because this was one of my favourite learning tasks,  I got to choose what I wanted to do.  I showed independence because I was doing things for myself.

The report that I have written is about the Paralympics and how it started.  I have also written about what the Paralympics is and what is the motto, what is the meaning of the name, the Stoke Mandeville games, history of Paralympic medals, the symbol, goal ball, boccia and the conclusion.

The Paralympics


Have you ever seen a superhuman? I guess you want to but your out of luck but you are going to hear about them. I think you will be like how does the Paralympics link to superhumans. It does just trust me, have you seen the Para athletes  they are amazing just because they have disabilities it doesn’t mean that they can not do the same as us because they can. DON’T SAY NO I CAN’T!! Say YES I CAN!!!!!!! What my report is talking about is what is the Paralympics and what is the motto, what is the meaning of the name, the Stoke Mandeville games, history of Paralympic medals, the Symbol and Goal ball.I hope you enjoy my report about the Paralympics.

What is the Paralympics and the motto?

The Paralympics is a sport for people with disabilities. What are disabilities? Disabilities are something that people are born with. It makes things harder for the person that has the disability. The disabilities that people have to get into the Paralympics are spinal cord injuries,multiple sclerosis, mental handicaps and  seven more and 10 all together. The motto spirit in motion is the new motto. What does it mean? To excite paralympic athletes to achieve sporting excellence. The old motto was mind,body,spirit. They changed the motto to spirit in motion in 2003.

What is the meaning of the name?

Did you know  The name Paralympics comes from the Greek prefix? Para means beside or alongside. Paralympics actually doesn't mean paralyzed Olympics well that’s what I thought, but it actually stands for parallel Olympic.

The Stoke Mandeville games.

The Paralympics began with a young Dr from the Stoke Mandeville Hospital From England. 1944 he began using Sports as a recreation for physical therapy for veterans of world war 2 then it became an annual event. 1952 it achieved international standing’s. Athletes from Netherlands joined the competition and from here the games began. Now the Paralympic games are every 4 years

History of Paralympic medals

The trophies for the Paralympics started at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Paralympic Games and the Paralympic winter games was invented(made or started) in 1948 and is still running today. Part of the co-operation agreement, international Olympic committee(ioc) and IPC (international Paralympic committee). They decided to do medals for both games (Paralympic games and Olympic Games). The first Paralympics didn’t have medals but they did have trophies and diplomas (certificate) for the athletes. Now the medals are more modern. The medals now have little steel balls inside them, the gold has 28 steel balls inside and and produces the loudest amount of noise,the silver has 20 steel balls and makes the median(average) amount of noise and the bronze has 16 and creates the lowest amount of noise The other thing I forgot to mention is that there is braille on the Paralympic medals. Braille is something for blind or visually impaired people to be able to read.  

The Symbol
The Paralympics logo is called agitos the colours are red,blue and green. The shape of the agitos are crescent moon shape. The agitos represent the four core values of the Paralympics: courage, determination, inspiration and equality. The Paralympics flag colours are red, blue and green because they are the colours of the most widely represented national flags around the world. It was changed in 2003 the old flag was shaped as commas. They changed the flag because it was too much alike to the olympic flags.  

          Old                                                        new

Image result for paralympic new and old symbol
Image result for paralympic new and old symbol

Goal ball

Goal ball is a hearing game and is a sport for people with visual impairments. The  athletes wear eye masks on the their faces so they all have the same vision. There is 3 player on the court at all times. The court. The  size of the court is 18 m x 9m. The ball has to roll before it goes into the other team's territory/6m line. The ball is the size of a basketball and has 2 bells in it. The ball can be thrown up to 60 mph(mile per hour). The atletes wear knee pads,elbow pads the boys wear box’s and the girls wear chest plates. Goal ball was a demonstration sport and is now a competitive sport. You can play at any age. It is popular for over 100 countries.


In 1984 boccia was introduced to the Paralympic games. The game is played by wheelchair athletes only. The boccia ball is only allowed to be thrown ,kicked, rolled down a ramp or rolled.  Athletes that can’t propel the ball down the ramp have court assistants. Assistants can’t look at the court or communicate with the athletes. The size of the court is 12.5 /6m. The area is divided into 6 rectangular areas and the athletes must stay in during play. The aim of the game is to get the ball closest to the jack(white ball) There is two teams, Blue team and a red team(those are the colours of the the balls you have is the team that you are in and those are the balls you jet towards  the jack(white ball).


The Paralympics is an important worldwide event. It is important because it is a chance for people with disabilities to play a sport and be superhuman. The Paralympics lets the athletes compete to their highest abilities. Do you want to see a superhuman athlete compete to the highest?   

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