Thursday, May 12, 2016

Brick Buster

Something that challenged me was picking the scene in my story.
My goal in my writing was trying to add some better sentence starters.  
I really enjoyed making my writing interesting and making people wanting to read on.
I hope you enjoy my story.

It’s been one year since Brick buster and I meet each other. I was born in the forest when I was abandoned by my parents. I was raised by eagles and their leader king of wing. The sacred leader gave me the powers of an eagle to be able to saw through the sky and see further than any human has dreamed of. I also have the ancient powers of eagle strength.

Iron fist and I live on a unidentified island called beastly bay we have a very modern base. If you have read the Brick buster chapter you will know all about it. So lately we have been just preparing for a battle we think that Loki has gathered many citizens of Ultrons world to take war with us superheroes that defended our world from his rage not long ago. The avengers have came to our base because theirs was overrun by Loki and Ultrons minions. So we have been training as hard as we can to keep some piece in our world. “Avengers assemble” I hear captain  shout. I soar towards the lounge aaaaand touchdown I think to myself. “Ok so I have received a message from the flash and well he thinks Ultrons minions and Loki are ready. So we are taking the helicarrier to New York city.

Ant man, Hulk Brick buster ready the helicarrier.” “Go” shouts captain. I soar through the air picking out my favourite snacks, weapons and wings for the battle. Then I fly aboard the Helicarrier.  3,2,1 take off everybody is in a jet takeoff seat. Brick buster jumped onto my back I sawed through the sky and  saw all the Kryptos / ultrons minions attacking the citizens of new york city. The kryptos army is destroying us. “There are too many of them you should find some backup Captain” I say. “I know what to do I’m sure Flash would like to join in and maybe even Batman” says Brickbuster and he set out at a run.

I swooped down on the Kryptos and cut them with my sharp bladed wings. I continued this process when out off the mist I saw a streak of bright light and I instantly knew it was the Flash. I peered into the streets and In among the debris was a figure throwing blurry black objects which I could tell were the famous bat stars which I had seen many times before. Quickly I soared down to him.” Batman my old friend how very good to see you.”
“It would have been better to see you Eagle Eye If I didn’t have Kryptos trying to jab my butt with electrical spears.”
I laughed. “You haven’t lost your sense of humour have you?” We continued fighting our way through the kryptos slashing them down. “Captain” I shout “there are too many of them. But I know what to do.” Quickly I soar to Beastly bay to our prison and take a visit to the Joker's cell. “Joker I say did I ever tell you I think you are a genius because of your amazing invention the ultimate pie bomb?”
“Really” says the Joker. “Yeah I say how do you make one anyway?” He laughs “a pie some nuclear acid a 2.2 fuse.” “Wow I say Great.” I fly to our weapons locker and grab the gear just not the Pie. I soar towards a high building above the fight. “Avengers assemble” I shout the Avengers quickly appear and say “whatsup” “this” I say and throw the substances off the building. “Three, Two One” I say. It sounded like the earth was splitting in two. CRACK BOOOOOOOM. Once the explosion was over Hulk began to laugh and clap. “ Me like big boom boom” he says.

1 week later.
“What about the city its ruined we can’t do nothing about it.” “Oh I have already hired some builders to rebuild the city.” With a few improvements such as a giant statue of me in central park, ha.”       


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