Thursday, April 14, 2016


This term we are having the Hawke's Bay basketball association to come and teach us some basketball skills. The first skill we did was dribbling the basketball. In the first task there were four corners of the court and we all lined up in even lines in the four corners and all of the people at the front had to go at the same time and we were not allowed run into each other. The second task was what height we where allowed to bounce the ball, your only allowed to bounce the ball as high as your hip or you will lose control also you don't slap the ball you push the ball to the ground and also use live spider hands to give you a bit more control over the ball. 

 I have been working on my target hands at basket ball. The reason of target hands is to give your team mate a target to pass the ball to you. Something that has challenged me was keeping my eyes up to look in front of me because sometimes you lose control over the ball and you just want to look down to keep control of the ball. You have to keep your eyes up because then you can see your opponent or defender.
Through the legs was a challenge as well.

I really enjoyed playing the game of basketball I knew we could challenge ourselves by versing people about the same level as us. It meant I could go hard and fight for the ball. 

Mrs H was really proud of me because I supported my team mates and included them in the game. She said I knew when it was time to fight for the ball and when it was time to be a good team mate. It made me feel great and positive. 

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