Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Ezra, Ryan, Cam and I fighting crime with the Lego police squad. 
"That was fun but why did you crash into me.
Boys enjoying there kai.

"I'm getting dizzy".

The most challenging thing for me was eating disgusting food in the fear factor challenge. One of my favorite things at camp was tubing down the stream in the freezing cold rain. Camp Weka was another highlight for me because we did a load of fun and amazing things. My second favorite thing at camp was eating our delicious dinner that our amazing parents that came to camp and helped us do the amazing challenges. 

At camp Weka it was the most funniest thing we did at camp there was two cabins for the boys and one cabin for the girls, in my cabin I had five of my friends. We had a call so the call was for when Miss Hill came to tell us off we screamed Hill and we shot down like bullets. In down time my friends and I made police things out of Lego. The things we made out of Lego was a police badge pepper spray and a taser.
On the way back to school we stopped at Onekawa witch (which) was so fun the water slide was crazy Ryan ,Ezra, Jacob, Ben and I went in the same slide so we held onto each others ancles (ankles). Then we went into the big pool and we started diving into the pool it was fun. then we went and had a sausage to warm up. One of the best parts of the pools was the spa because we could relax with all our friends.     

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