Sunday, September 13, 2015

Art Work


This artwork is inspired by Shane Hansen. I have two birds on my artwork because one of them is my house bird and the other is for fun. The tree is for my Tortara hub which is three classes together. The koru is our field.   

By Chris

Saturday, September 12, 2015

See Saw

We had to recycle things for our home work and I made a seesaw.

Sad Dog

Sad, Animal, Cage
Dear Humans,
I don’t like being behind bars in the zoos. We deserve to be in the wild with my family. We have no friends in my cage I’m all lonely by myself please let me out I need my family because I miss them and they probably lost me in there hearts. I have to survive in these bars like a prison it’s not fair for all these animals imagine if you were in this cage you are so mean. Plus we don’t get much food and we get a cold floors with no beds.

from the sad dog in cage 6      


Howard street
28 April 2015

Dear Tracey,
          thankyou so so much for taking a week off work just for room 20 to go to camp kaitawa. Thank you for cooking delicious food and making our tummy’s full. Thank you for helping with the caving even though I think you didn’t like going in those small spaces. You helped our group the gummy bears in the amazing race with your amazing cooking skills . The happiness you brought to my face was great.
Thank you once again.

Yours Sincerely