Friday, August 21, 2015

The Zoo tragedy

the zoo tragedy …

“Hey that van is zooming down Howard street it looks like a zoo van with new animals”. “like a African tiger, dodo, rhino, crocodile and a Tuatara”. those sound like some endangered species. those van’s are not suppose to go that fast it is about to crash BOOM!! there goes the engine and the animals are not looking happy. o no not the rhino and the tiger plus the Croc are about to escape the van but the dodo is fine and so is the Tuatara.

Ahhh everyone is screaming “keep calm boys and girls” say the teachers. we all just keep screaming, the rhino is inside the school we all go quiet and hide I hear a thump and then a pissshhh ahhh the rhino broke the glass door then i watch the rhino thump “what was that noise”. I think it was the rhino. man he is smashing the furniture isn’t he “yes he is.” this boy rhino needs to calm down doesn't he Jared.

where is the dodo and the Tuatara they are our main animals that are nearly extinct. “there they are” says my best friend Luke “were” “over there” “oh now I see them.

Where did my homework go

Where did my homework go?

Hi mum i’m home “hi honey what are you doing home so late.” because I walked today. I did a fart and it smelt like pie it spread onto my homework. by the way I have a dog which means that she could smell it that is bad thanks to my fart it was so strong that it tipped the jam that I was going to put on my toast.

Back to my dog she is a ratbag she breaks everything well not everything she won’t be able to smash a tree over. Okay back to the story she jumped onto the table and shredded it to bits “dam I just finished that Roxy.” “mum Roxy shredded my homework to bits and I just finished it too.”

And that is why I didn’t have homework on Friday.

assembly item

 This item is about a supermarket coming right next to our school on our field pakis paddock. Have a look and hope you enjoy the show.