Sunday, September 13, 2015

Art Work


This artwork is inspired by Shane Hansen. I have two birds on my artwork because one of them is my house bird and the other is for fun. The tree is for my Tortara hub which is three classes together. The koru is our field.   

By Chris

Saturday, September 12, 2015

See Saw

We had to recycle things for our home work and I made a seesaw.

Sad Dog

Sad, Animal, Cage
Dear Humans,
I don’t like being behind bars in the zoos. We deserve to be in the wild with my family. We have no friends in my cage I’m all lonely by myself please let me out I need my family because I miss them and they probably lost me in there hearts. I have to survive in these bars like a prison it’s not fair for all these animals imagine if you were in this cage you are so mean. Plus we don’t get much food and we get a cold floors with no beds.

from the sad dog in cage 6      


Howard street
28 April 2015

Dear Tracey,
          thankyou so so much for taking a week off work just for room 20 to go to camp kaitawa. Thank you for cooking delicious food and making our tummy’s full. Thank you for helping with the caving even though I think you didn’t like going in those small spaces. You helped our group the gummy bears in the amazing race with your amazing cooking skills . The happiness you brought to my face was great.
Thank you once again.

Yours Sincerely

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Zoo tragedy

the zoo tragedy …

“Hey that van is zooming down Howard street it looks like a zoo van with new animals”. “like a African tiger, dodo, rhino, crocodile and a Tuatara”. those sound like some endangered species. those van’s are not suppose to go that fast it is about to crash BOOM!! there goes the engine and the animals are not looking happy. o no not the rhino and the tiger plus the Croc are about to escape the van but the dodo is fine and so is the Tuatara.

Ahhh everyone is screaming “keep calm boys and girls” say the teachers. we all just keep screaming, the rhino is inside the school we all go quiet and hide I hear a thump and then a pissshhh ahhh the rhino broke the glass door then i watch the rhino thump “what was that noise”. I think it was the rhino. man he is smashing the furniture isn’t he “yes he is.” this boy rhino needs to calm down doesn't he Jared.

where is the dodo and the Tuatara they are our main animals that are nearly extinct. “there they are” says my best friend Luke “were” “over there” “oh now I see them.

Where did my homework go

Where did my homework go?

Hi mum i’m home “hi honey what are you doing home so late.” because I walked today. I did a fart and it smelt like pie it spread onto my homework. by the way I have a dog which means that she could smell it that is bad thanks to my fart it was so strong that it tipped the jam that I was going to put on my toast.

Back to my dog she is a ratbag she breaks everything well not everything she won’t be able to smash a tree over. Okay back to the story she jumped onto the table and shredded it to bits “dam I just finished that Roxy.” “mum Roxy shredded my homework to bits and I just finished it too.”

And that is why I didn’t have homework on Friday.

assembly item

 This item is about a supermarket coming right next to our school on our field pakis paddock. Have a look and hope you enjoy the show. 

Friday, May 08, 2015

Lost in the Woods

Panerkiri Bluff

Panekiri bluff

a huge mountain with lots of trees and heaps of bush.
fresh leaves and the scent of nature’s dirt.
the swisssssssshhhhhhhhh of waves lapping onto the shore.
dirt sticking to my hands and feet.
fresh air and tiny drops of dirt on my tongue.
that it will take  two hour’s to climb to the top.P1000254.JPG


My Pepeha

Things about me

This is a word art about me.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

My dog roxy

My dog Roxy
My dog loves hunting & running. The things she runs after and hunts are rabbits and pukekos.

One day after her walk around the orchard, we forgot to put her shock collar back on.  so she ran into the orchard and killed a rabbit. she brought it back to the house the next day. I walked past  the rabbit it stunk, i looked to the left and there was a dead rabbit on the concrete. i gazed at the rabbit. i said, “ mum we forgot to put roxy’s shock collar back on.”

there was dry blood on the rabbit i picked it up and threw it into the orchard and walked away from it and i gave my dog a hiding by smacking her on the nose.