Tuesday, July 01, 2014

how lightning is made

How do you make lightning?

Suddenly there is a flash of lightning. Lightning is made by an very old giant 1 million years old living in the sky and when he gets grumpy he shoots a taser.  The reason he gets grumpy is because he gets baked beans and he hates them so much he shoots his tasers through the clouds and it hits the ground and shock all of us.  He still has to have them or he will starve to death so he has them.

The reason thunder happens is because When he eats them he farts really loud and that is a warning the lightning is about to come and might hit you. so you need to stay inside a house when Thunder happen. When thunder happens lightning shots down after 10 seconds, so you will need to be really quick.

The lightning stops when he goes to bed and he goes to bed at different times. He sometimes gets baked beans for breakfast and sometimes lunch and then he just falls asleep after its all goon.It can be any time So whach out.

The person who makes the baked beans were his old wife. She likes to make  Mike (giants Name) grumpy because she thinks it’s funny but for Mike it’s not so nice. She does it all the time and mike get really angry. Mike never goes outside because there is a truck Which is filled up with baked beans so he never goes outside.  

So there we go now you know how lightning is made.

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