Monday, June 23, 2014


Room 10 went on camp on the 3rd April the first thing we did is go to the waka.  What is a waka?

When they went on the waka they had to get it to start if the class went too far they would end up in Napier but Room 10 did not go too far they turned the waka around then stated go back.   They put the waka back into place and there were weapons not just ordinary weapons maori weapons really sharp carved wood weapons.

This is what I have improved this year I have maths because I have learnt new strategies like  rotational symmetry and place value.

I need to keep working on my writing a bit more to know what the words mean.  Because it won’t be a story if you don’t  know what the words mean.  that is what I need to work on throughout the year.

My reading is good and I need to start learning how to say challenging words and read faster.  Reading fast means you can finish reading in a short amount of time.  A waka is a long wooden boat that has carvings on the side of it.

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