Monday, November 28, 2016

Pbl artefact

Last term I was was busy at work doing my pbl artefact.
Something that challenged me was doing the medal on the side of my artefact.
Something I enjoyed was doing the braille.
I am proud of my learning because I have tried my hardest and got very annoyed but didn't give up.

When I was working on my artefact I used my revising muscle.  I had to keep on going back and changing sentences so they made sense.
Another muscle I used was absorption.  I think I was absorbed because this was one of my favourite learning tasks,  I got to choose what I wanted to do.  I showed independence because I was doing things for myself.

The report that I have written is about the Paralympics and how it started.  I have also written about what the Paralympics is and what is the motto, what is the meaning of the name, the Stoke Mandeville games, history of Paralympic medals, the symbol, goal ball, boccia and the conclusion.

The Paralympics


Have you ever seen a superhuman? I guess you want to but your out of luck but you are going to hear about them. I think you will be like how does the Paralympics link to superhumans. It does just trust me, have you seen the Para athletes  they are amazing just because they have disabilities it doesn’t mean that they can not do the same as us because they can. DON’T SAY NO I CAN’T!! Say YES I CAN!!!!!!! What my report is talking about is what is the Paralympics and what is the motto, what is the meaning of the name, the Stoke Mandeville games, history of Paralympic medals, the Symbol and Goal ball.I hope you enjoy my report about the Paralympics.

What is the Paralympics and the motto?

The Paralympics is a sport for people with disabilities. What are disabilities? Disabilities are something that people are born with. It makes things harder for the person that has the disability. The disabilities that people have to get into the Paralympics are spinal cord injuries,multiple sclerosis, mental handicaps and  seven more and 10 all together. The motto spirit in motion is the new motto. What does it mean? To excite paralympic athletes to achieve sporting excellence. The old motto was mind,body,spirit. They changed the motto to spirit in motion in 2003.

What is the meaning of the name?

Did you know  The name Paralympics comes from the Greek prefix? Para means beside or alongside. Paralympics actually doesn't mean paralyzed Olympics well that’s what I thought, but it actually stands for parallel Olympic.

The Stoke Mandeville games.

The Paralympics began with a young Dr from the Stoke Mandeville Hospital From England. 1944 he began using Sports as a recreation for physical therapy for veterans of world war 2 then it became an annual event. 1952 it achieved international standing’s. Athletes from Netherlands joined the competition and from here the games began. Now the Paralympic games are every 4 years

History of Paralympic medals

The trophies for the Paralympics started at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Paralympic Games and the Paralympic winter games was invented(made or started) in 1948 and is still running today. Part of the co-operation agreement, international Olympic committee(ioc) and IPC (international Paralympic committee). They decided to do medals for both games (Paralympic games and Olympic Games). The first Paralympics didn’t have medals but they did have trophies and diplomas (certificate) for the athletes. Now the medals are more modern. The medals now have little steel balls inside them, the gold has 28 steel balls inside and and produces the loudest amount of noise,the silver has 20 steel balls and makes the median(average) amount of noise and the bronze has 16 and creates the lowest amount of noise The other thing I forgot to mention is that there is braille on the Paralympic medals. Braille is something for blind or visually impaired people to be able to read.  

The Symbol
The Paralympics logo is called agitos the colours are red,blue and green. The shape of the agitos are crescent moon shape. The agitos represent the four core values of the Paralympics: courage, determination, inspiration and equality. The Paralympics flag colours are red, blue and green because they are the colours of the most widely represented national flags around the world. It was changed in 2003 the old flag was shaped as commas. They changed the flag because it was too much alike to the olympic flags.  

          Old                                                        new

Image result for paralympic new and old symbol
Image result for paralympic new and old symbol

Goal ball

Goal ball is a hearing game and is a sport for people with visual impairments. The  athletes wear eye masks on the their faces so they all have the same vision. There is 3 player on the court at all times. The court. The  size of the court is 18 m x 9m. The ball has to roll before it goes into the other team's territory/6m line. The ball is the size of a basketball and has 2 bells in it. The ball can be thrown up to 60 mph(mile per hour). The atletes wear knee pads,elbow pads the boys wear box’s and the girls wear chest plates. Goal ball was a demonstration sport and is now a competitive sport. You can play at any age. It is popular for over 100 countries.


In 1984 boccia was introduced to the Paralympic games. The game is played by wheelchair athletes only. The boccia ball is only allowed to be thrown ,kicked, rolled down a ramp or rolled.  Athletes that can’t propel the ball down the ramp have court assistants. Assistants can’t look at the court or communicate with the athletes. The size of the court is 12.5 /6m. The area is divided into 6 rectangular areas and the athletes must stay in during play. The aim of the game is to get the ball closest to the jack(white ball) There is two teams, Blue team and a red team(those are the colours of the the balls you have is the team that you are in and those are the balls you jet towards  the jack(white ball).


The Paralympics is an important worldwide event. It is important because it is a chance for people with disabilities to play a sport and be superhuman. The Paralympics lets the athletes compete to their highest abilities. Do you want to see a superhuman athlete compete to the highest?   

Monday, August 15, 2016

Reiko Ioane

This week I have had a crazy week and I have made some facts about a amazing information about a Olympian he is a rugby sevens player. His name is Reiko Ioane.
Something that challenged me was getting lots of information because I found it hard to find the information I wanted.
Something that I enjoyed was that I got to do a sport that I enjoy.
I am proud of my learning because it makes sense and has lots of information.
Something that I can do better next time is that I could put more info on the womans 7's.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Maui story

This week we have been making an amazing piece writing not just any writing a legend of how Maui caught the North Island. I am learning to retell Maori legends and myths.
Something that has challenged me was putting awesome vocab into my work.
I am proud of my work because I have reached a gold level piece of writing.
When I was doing my writing I stretched my perseverance muscle
I used this muscle because I never gave up and I always went back into my writing to make changes.
Here is the writing that I did.

This is some of the vocab in my myth; 
struck,smeared,outraged,enraged and horror struck there could be some more in there.

The fish of Maui

As the sun rose it shone its awesome canary yellow. Maui roughly jumped into his brothers waka but for some reason it made no noise at all . Maui had to sneak into the boat because his brothers didn’t invite him to go fishing because their brothers were jealous of Maui’s magical abilities. As Maui was in the bottom of the bronze wooden waka his brothers have set sail. The boat has stopped but Maui disagreed with the spot so he jumped out from his hiding spot in the bottom of the waka his brothers where horror shock.

Maui demanded to go on to a better spot than this and they went on as the light of marama the moon guided them towards the great fishing spot. His brothers were agitated with their amazing brother and wouldn’t give him any bait so he struck himself with the magic jawbone and smeared the bone with the rose red blood. He swung his jawbone around his head like it was a lasso he hurled the jawbone into the water. It slashed through the water like it was a tiaha it went at the speed of light.

It snagged onto something very heavy and strong Maui placed his feet so they were firm and locked in place. Maui  heaved,tugged and shaged with all his might. The sea was twisting and twirling the sea was getting outraged. It came to the surface it was just a big black scaley fish the waka lay beached on the fish he told his brothers to wait there and not do anything to this fish while he was gone. The brothers disobeyed their big brother and started hacking into the great fish of Maui to take their share of the giant fish. Maui got back and was enraged with his brothers they had destroyed his fish. Now all his fish was just hills and land.  

Now there is many people living on this giant fish of New Zealand. The rest of the world know it as the North Island.


Thursday, June 09, 2016

Matariki murals

On Wednesday the 8th of June it was Matariki our school was celebrating the mauri new year. There was different things to do but I got to do murals, The murals where for the front of the school because somebody had vandalized and destroyed the panels that was in front of the staff room.

On that day I stretched my collaboration muscle because there was a lot of people doing the murals so we all had to have turns.

Something that challenged me was painting inside the lines because Mrs Hill gave me all the hard parts.

I enjoyed doing the murals because the painting that I did is going to go in front of the school.

Thursday, June 02, 2016


This term I have been working on this really cool castle art.
The challenge for me is to paint inside the lines that you draw to guide yourself.
I am learning to make it look like something is close or far away. The closer it is the darker the colour and the further away means it gets lighter and lighter.
I am proud of my work because it is one of my best paintings that I have ever done in school.

Here is a photo of my castle art.

Bread instructions

This term we have been doing some science looking at changes.
I have been exploring yeast.
I have been learning to make dough and see how much the yeast has risen the dough.
Here is some instructions for you to make some great bread.
I worked hard on making my instructions easy to follow for the reader. I put the ingredients into a list and the steps in order.


Once it was a rainy day and I said to mum “can we make some bread”.

“Why?”. “Because I am bored and I can’t go outside”. “Ok then Chris. We have the ingredients ah. “Yeah I’m sure we have all the ingredients”. Bread rises when yeast and sugar are combined together. Yeast reacts with sugar and puts a type of air called carbon dioxide this air fills up the dough and that is how the bread rises. Also bread rises when you put baking powder and baking soda in. Did you know if you combine hot water with yeast you actually deactivate the yeast and the bread doesn’t rise that is why you only use warm water.


1 cup of flour
1 Tbsp (tablespoon) of white sugar
1 tsp (teaspoon) of oil
½ cup of warm not hot water
1 teaspoon of yeast

1.Combine all the dry ingredients and mix well for one minute to make sure they are all mixed in.
2.Add the oil and the warm water but not hot water.
3.Stir the mixture well for five minutes.
4.Make sure the dough is sticky.
5.walk away for 30 mins to let it rise.
6.Put the dough in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius.
7. Leave the dough in the oven for 35 minutes to make it golden and moist.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Brick Buster

Something that challenged me was picking the scene in my story.
My goal in my writing was trying to add some better sentence starters.  
I really enjoyed making my writing interesting and making people wanting to read on.
I hope you enjoy my story.

It’s been one year since Brick buster and I meet each other. I was born in the forest when I was abandoned by my parents. I was raised by eagles and their leader king of wing. The sacred leader gave me the powers of an eagle to be able to saw through the sky and see further than any human has dreamed of. I also have the ancient powers of eagle strength.

Iron fist and I live on a unidentified island called beastly bay we have a very modern base. If you have read the Brick buster chapter you will know all about it. So lately we have been just preparing for a battle we think that Loki has gathered many citizens of Ultrons world to take war with us superheroes that defended our world from his rage not long ago. The avengers have came to our base because theirs was overrun by Loki and Ultrons minions. So we have been training as hard as we can to keep some piece in our world. “Avengers assemble” I hear captain  shout. I soar towards the lounge aaaaand touchdown I think to myself. “Ok so I have received a message from the flash and well he thinks Ultrons minions and Loki are ready. So we are taking the helicarrier to New York city.

Ant man, Hulk Brick buster ready the helicarrier.” “Go” shouts captain. I soar through the air picking out my favourite snacks, weapons and wings for the battle. Then I fly aboard the Helicarrier.  3,2,1 take off everybody is in a jet takeoff seat. Brick buster jumped onto my back I sawed through the sky and  saw all the Kryptos / ultrons minions attacking the citizens of new york city. The kryptos army is destroying us. “There are too many of them you should find some backup Captain” I say. “I know what to do I’m sure Flash would like to join in and maybe even Batman” says Brickbuster and he set out at a run.

I swooped down on the Kryptos and cut them with my sharp bladed wings. I continued this process when out off the mist I saw a streak of bright light and I instantly knew it was the Flash. I peered into the streets and In among the debris was a figure throwing blurry black objects which I could tell were the famous bat stars which I had seen many times before. Quickly I soared down to him.” Batman my old friend how very good to see you.”
“It would have been better to see you Eagle Eye If I didn’t have Kryptos trying to jab my butt with electrical spears.”
I laughed. “You haven’t lost your sense of humour have you?” We continued fighting our way through the kryptos slashing them down. “Captain” I shout “there are too many of them. But I know what to do.” Quickly I soar to Beastly bay to our prison and take a visit to the Joker's cell. “Joker I say did I ever tell you I think you are a genius because of your amazing invention the ultimate pie bomb?”
“Really” says the Joker. “Yeah I say how do you make one anyway?” He laughs “a pie some nuclear acid a 2.2 fuse.” “Wow I say Great.” I fly to our weapons locker and grab the gear just not the Pie. I soar towards a high building above the fight. “Avengers assemble” I shout the Avengers quickly appear and say “whatsup” “this” I say and throw the substances off the building. “Three, Two One” I say. It sounded like the earth was splitting in two. CRACK BOOOOOOOM. Once the explosion was over Hulk began to laugh and clap. “ Me like big boom boom” he says.

1 week later.
“What about the city its ruined we can’t do nothing about it.” “Oh I have already hired some builders to rebuild the city.” With a few improvements such as a giant statue of me in central park, ha.”